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PROJECT: Emerging Technologies - Beam propelled vehicles for the year 2050




This was a team-based 10 week project between myself, Daniel Frieg and Chao Wang. It was done in collaboration with Lighcraft Technologies Inc., Dr. Leik Myrabo, a pioneer in beam-propelled technology.

Dr. Myrabo approached Umea Institute of Design for design concepts for future LIghtcraft vehicles, including possible applications, scenarios, interior design and exterior design within aerodynamic limitations.

Lightcraft theoretically enables supersonic travel to anywhere on earth in 45 min or less; can land almost anywhere, with no need for an airport; using laser technology making it completely sustainable, with no need for fossil fuels. Based on these potential benefits, our team felt the best use of Lightcraft technology would be for immediate disaster response, such as earthquakes or tsunamis.

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